Tuesday, March 17, 2009

From Bernard Madoff and other Zionist crooks, to 9/11 and the Banksters

When the Madoff scam started to surface, I immediately said (after checking up on who this man is), "They did it again". The fact that he has been able to rob investors out of more than 50 Billion USD (,-) means that he has very powerful friends and helping hands within all aspects of the financial world. And, by they, I mean to say the cobweb of Zionist criminals who control most, if not all of the banking/financial activity around the world... and thereby the world at large.

For anyone interested in an in depth analyzes of the astronomical theft carried out by the Zionists this time, I would recommend the page of Christopher Bollyn. He has done an amazing job in digging out some mindboggling links between Mr. Madoff and other Zionist criminals. Links which take you to Israel, to Lehman Brothers, to the 9/11 and to the Zionist world at large.

Well then, like old Confucius said, -"Nothing just happens...." and Mr Bollyn has indeed understood that fully. However, this does of course give raise to worries about how long this courageous gentleman will survive, literally speaking!

The total and absolute ignorance displayed, once again, by the Zionist state of Israel, with their last horrible and inhuman genocide against the Palestine people of Gaza, does indeed give food for such worries. Likewise the fact that the US President, Obama, recently announced further double digit billions of dollars in military aid to Israel.

Hmmm?... can there be any doubt whatsoever, about who the "shadow government" (the real government that is) of the US of A are? Scary!

A most comprehensive write-up on the Madoff is also found here. Just incredible! But even more incredible is it to learn that Congress says they will start looking into the Bernard Madoff scandal. Hmmm? The guy who made $50 Billion disappear is being investigated by the people who made $1.5 Trillion disappear! You gotta be kidding!