Saturday, February 21, 2009

US of A / Christian extremisms and political blindfold

- Being Norwegian, retired, and living in Spain (Europe), I might not be eligible to comment on matters related to American politics at all.
- However, I lived there some 40. years ago, and it might just be of interest to some Americans (and some non Americans), to read a view from a faraway corner of the US/Federal Reserve Empire.

- In his sarcastic way, George Bernard Shaw, once said: “Democracy is a way that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.” and how right he was. I mean, look back at who has been chosen as presidents of the US of A over the last few years; ...Reagen... Bush... Clinton... Bush... Bush... Obama... drug dealers, liars, criminals, nitwits, puppets...
- And now, after reading comments in several blogs and various other forums lately, dealing with the development of the US empire after the new puppet US president Obama took the helm, it appears quite clear to me that G.B.Shaw had the gift of clairvoyance.
- In fact , even if democracy did prevail in the US of A, the American population would indeed vote for, and end up with, a “Barack Obama” as president, like so many times before.
- However, the fact that plutocracy, and NOT democracy, prevails in the US of A, it means that a brilliant mind and outstanding politician, like Doc. Ron Paul, will never have a chance to win a presidential election if he was to run in 2012.
- That is, a candidate like Doc. Paul has no chance of winning a presidential race at all, unless he is willing to bend over backwards (forwards) and become a puppet of the BIG money, the "shadow gowernment"... the real government of the US of A. That is, the powerful Zionists, the state if Israel.
- But of course, then Doc. Ron Paul would not longer be Doc. Ron Paul; a man who calls a spade… a spade. He would have to turn into an “Obama”, a “Clinton” or a “McCain”
- For a man like Doc. Ron Paul to be elected president of the US of A, as a Doc. Ron Paul, the zombie population of America would have to wake up and start thinking for themselves, which is nothing but an absurd wishful thought today. For that to happen, the extreme Christian religious monotheistic indoctrination of the American population would have to be brought to an end, but for that American madness, there is no end in sight.
- On the other hand, the way I see thing developing at the moment, the US of A will, together with Israel, most probably lead the world into another
- The conditions for such a scenario to develope is on hand, created by "Rothschild" and their paisano. With the growing global recession, and the "willing conscript" Obama as their rhetoric puppet "at the helm", the American people will, like lame ducks and willing conscripts, march towards a WWIII.
- The "Yes we can" and "Change" puppet, who was elected like a virtual messiahs by the American voters, has already announced a few thousand more soldiers to be sent off to Afghanistan, and within short, I'm willing to bet a few bucks on Iran being the next target to be attacked by the guys who gave us the present global economical havoc.

- "Yes we can!".... "Change!"... CAN WHAT?... CHANGE WHAT?

- The "Home of the brave and land of the free"... what an insane nation it has become in my lifetime!

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