Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Financial Crisis and Bailouts

Have you ever wondered about how the financial crisis actually came around? Well, if you have and would like to know, have a look at the video found HERE
You might not fully grab the financial acrobatic performed by these Wall Street brokers the first time you run the video, but then, run it again. Then, once you have got at clear picture of it all, you will realize that the financial havoc in which our world is today, is due to the biggest scam of all times. (In my opinion surpassing, WWI,WWII,Vietnam and Iraq.)

A theft carried out by clever brokers. Brokers who are the criminal minded willing conscripts, who, on behalf of their management, have carried out the criminal act which has ruined thousands of people, and sent the whole world into a very serious financial crisis.

To me, living in Europe, it is incredible to watch our politicians, who, like the "yes-we-can" guy in the US of A, are robbing the people out of their money once more with the bail-outs! And, not only do they steal billions from the present and future generations, but they give it to the financial institutions who planned and carried out the scam!... who to top it all, pay out enormous bonuses to themselves and their criminal brokers, from the bail-outs received. Incredible.


The only reason for the political finance crime now taking place, the way I see it, is that the political scumbags have been in on the scam from the very beginning, and that they still are on the take by the bankers.

In Germany, where I have a home, there is hardly any bank at all, which does not have one or more politicians on their Board of Directors, and which indeed might explains what has taken place in the past, and what takes place today. (However, it is more likely than not, that most politicians are incapable of understanding finance and banking, and hence they are unable to comprehend what was and what is going on, but that cannot serve them as an excuse in any way whatsoever.)

Well, the financial mess the bankers and the brokers have created, brings to my mind some words by the brilliant German sociologist, Max Weber, -"Politicians are only politician for personal advantages and/or personal profit." And to those wise words, some words by Woody Guthrie -in one of his songs- where he says, -"Some will rob you with a six-gun, and some with a fountain pen."

Anyway, it is nothing but mind-boggling, to observe that the guys who planned and orchestrated the scam, are able to get away with a criminal act of this magnitude! And, not only are they walking away free and allowed to keep what they have looted, but they are also r e w a r d e d by our politicians, with billions of our euros and dollars!

Orwell's world seems indeed to be closing in on us, very rapidly.

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